Terms and Conditions

Tickets for CUWS events can be purchased by all current and former members of the University of Cambridge and, at the discretion of the society, by other interested parties.

Any one person may purchase up to 4 tickets (including their own) for any one event, unless specifically announced otherwise. Special events may have stricter limits. For general admission tickets, the limit is always 2 per party. If you require more tickets you are requested to first obtain written (email) agreement from the Committee. If this limit is exceeded without prior permission the excess tickets will be refunded.

A ticket can be refunded up to 24hr prior to an event. If a ticket needs to be refunded, there will be a 50p charge per ticket refunded. This may vary for special events.

The committee reserves the right to refuse the sale of tickets and entry to any of the events.


For further information, please contact the membership committee member by email
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