Sardinia, Italy

Located in Gallura in the northern part of Sardinia, Capichera, led by the Ragnedda family, was the first in demonstrating the ageing potential of Vermentino wines in barrels. Credited with the winemaking revolution and renaissance in Sardinia, they’ve worked to establish standards of quality and expression both in the vineyards and cellars.

Realising the potential of Vermentino in the 1970s, well ahead of its time, Capichera began vinifying it purely and has continued to enhance its processes to produce wines of elegance and structure with this local grape variety. This innovation was not limited to Vermentino but was also later applied to produce red wines from Carignan and Syrah. Come and taste some top-quality Italian local varietals from this outstanding producer.

  • Capichera tasting
    21 February 2023
    9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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